being in a daze as a result of alcohol, drugs, or sex
Man he's so messed up.
by Celestasia May 10, 2005
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Like messed but in the up direction.
Toby: "Oh, that's messed up. Steven, can you make that mess a little bit lower, thank you!"
by grammaticalfail October 25, 2011
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To change something and bring its value to a lower degree.
I balled up LeBron James and took him to the hole in 1 on 1 10 times. I won the game 10-0. He told me I should play in the summer pro league. I said no way, nuh-uh, that shit might try to mess up my game.
by MatthewSzymanski December 18, 2020
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Adj. Which is really messed up. Not just like a little concern or whatever but something big. It may also qualify a person, really in trouble, or completetly stoned. Being messed up messed might result from a colossal defeat. It may also lead you to further troubles such as loosing your keys, or even feeling like hanging yourself.

How could that....????!!! just a football game!
huge laughs You're so messed up messed!
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Messed-Up-Monday is a slang term to describe getting drunk on Mondays. Similar to Thirsty Thursdays or Sober Sundays.
Hey do you want to get drunk tonight?

"Sure its Messed Up Mondays, lets get fucked up"
by chroine November 09, 2009
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