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Hokkien Vulgarity relating to Female Genitalia

(Can however be used in a very casual way)

It is as versatile as the word fuck
1. Sohai Chibai (Greeting a Friend) (Sohai is a Cantonese Vulgarity also referring to female genitalia)

2. Chibai (used to describe pain)
3. Chibai (used to describe unending humor)
4. Chibai (used as a crude way to address a friend who gives no fuck)
1. Guy bangs his knee against a table: "Chibai damn painful sia"
2. Guy A tells a joke/story that is so funny the whole room falls laughing

3. Guy A meets Guy B for Lunch
Guy B: "Sohai Chibai"

4. Guy A & Guy B hangs out.

Guy A: "Oi Chibai, can pass the beer ah bo?"
by Ohio-Jack January 8, 2019
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King of Idiots with relations to a squad mate on PUBG (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds).
The squad idiot.
The fuck we have a king mong on this squad eh?

You know if we follow this king mong, we gonna die yeah?
LMAO! King Mong died before we did.
by Ohio-Jack May 25, 2019
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1. Midwestern (You fucked up big time)
2. Hood Ghetto (You dead fucking up big time)

3. Redneck (You fuck up stupid)
4. (Rash Retaliatory manner) Get fucked, stupid)
Guy A: its a shame your mother ever spread her legs
Guy B: You done messed up bastard

Street Thug
Guy A: Yeah nah true I shagged yo girl
Guy B: You Done messed up fucka
by Ohio-Jack January 8, 2019
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