(Hindi) Just for some love, it means go to sleep my child"
Andhera chaa raha hain, soja mere laal soja.
by YouAintNik November 11, 2019
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The sexiest, hottest, most voluptuous and gorgeous and funniest hottest friend (And lover) of all time actually. Super kind and beautiful and sexy and Really nice and Hot. Loves
I have a crush on mere.
Me too!
by Not mere February 11, 2022
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a super hot and sexy person who gets all the women and is on that sigma male grindset
women: "That Mere guy is so hot"
women: "yes omg hes so hot uwu"
by TheLolyoucouldnt January 23, 2022
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A shortend version of "c'mere". Even though that is short for "come here".
by BPask March 6, 2019
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Is one of the most beautiful girls in the world that is very loyal and carrying for others and when she likes someone she will do anything to get him/her and also she has everything her way. She is also thick and athletic. She hates trifling guys, she is always competetive about everything she hates being around a lot of people, she is everything a guy would desire.
Merelis is a dime piece that no money could buy.
by jaylen101 March 13, 2017
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Wakes up at five every morning and takes long walks around the neighbour-hood. Has a healthy breakfast and lives a very healthy and active life.

Runs the block daily, yeah that’s true, has her life sorted tf out.

DEFINITELY not a couch potato watching t.v Rn
Mering is a badass bij!
by Heyitsurdad November 23, 2021
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