When you take too much Rittlin *which has no side effects* and little Christina Aguilera monsters start trying to eat you by sneaking up on you in the lunch line and during Phil Collins concerts, you will inevitably hear the sound of "mer".
::scuffle of Christina Aguilera monster's eight feet::

by Lelio August 26, 2004
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Person 1: Dude, my toe hurts!
Person 2: Mer!
by FourZeroFour May 1, 2008
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masturbating in other people's showers.
eating food/ drink that most would not consider.
The food is so mer.
You just merred in my shower.
by Mermann February 7, 2008
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word that only a girl who is bestfriends with your girlfriend and is used to piss her off in weird situations.Commonly whispered or used in a low tone of voice.
by pappa penpek June 27, 2009
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A statement of disbeleif. Or a lack of understanding.
A: I walked through a wall
B: Mer.
A: I did.
by Nathan Mann October 19, 2006
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a saying used to confuse boyfriends. Said when the girlfriend has nothing else to say and hopes the boy will be at a loss for words.
Kevin: so how are things?
Petra: mer.
Kevin *I have no idea what the hell she means*
by oddellaphant32 October 11, 2011
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