1.(noun) Originally, a straight gamer
2.(noun) A gamer in general
3.(noun) A cool person
4.(verb) To play a game
5.(adjective) Epic, cool, awesome, dope
1. My friend is not a gaymer, they are a mer
2. Strider is a mer, he plays Overwatch
3. Diana is cool, she is such a mer
4. I can mer in 10 minutes, I'll turn on my PC
5. Your new controller is mer
by epic mer March 6, 2021
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An acronym for 'Major Erection Rising'
"That low cut shirt she was wearing gave me a mer"
by Jenn Hirsch July 11, 2008
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a word that expresses any word in the english dictionary; can be expressed as any type of speech, and does not matter what part of the snectence it is used in; most of the time used as a gap filler for long awkward silences, or to quote a high school football coach
"(following a long conversation, and you have nothing to say cause you didnt really pay attention)... ohh, mer"


Coach" MERR, my knee"
by Jimmy Parks October 16, 2006
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In a state of anger or boredom. Add extra r's for emphasis.
Mer i hate this school I can't wait for summer to start again.
by blondbabe552 August 28, 2007
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A derogatory term that implies the person in reference is of limited mental capacity.
When used alone, mer takes on the meaning of duh.
Derived from the sound that is commonly, and ignorantly, associated with that of a person who has mental disabilities. (retard, tard)
Commonly confused with the urban slang meh.
1. You're such a mer.
2. Mer*
by Kzin July 14, 2006
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adjective meaning awesome, amazing, stupendous.
That is so Mer
by Smiley Pants Inc April 25, 2011
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a racial term in the video game series "The Elder Scrolls" that refers to two races of elves: Altmer and Dunmer.
That mer owes me 20 drakes!
by thekillerdonut July 14, 2010
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