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a homosexual who enjoys video games, sometimes casually or sometimes hardcore.
Man, I totally pwned you on that last deathmatch- your icon is cute, are you a gaymer too?
by Electronicoffee March 16, 2007
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a gay person who is also a gamer
Rob and his boyfriend are always playing Guild Wars- they are big time gaymers.
by Ueuecoyotl July 27, 2005
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People who play computer games and who's only reference to more advanced aspects of computing is the term h4x0r. Usually obnoxious and disrespecting towards anyone that is not in their clan.
The gaymers ate loads of potatochips while they shouted unfine references to the female genital as they died in playing multiplayer games.
by dominei March 02, 2005
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An individual who frequents popular simple titles from mostly mainstream developers and considers themselves a clever individual due to the frequent playing of said titles. Predominantly console players however some can be found on pc. They are devoted to commenting and donating on streaming websites.

Perfect example can be found with the definition by kaosu, clearly very distressed with regards to his most recent encounter with a true player
Ill have to show you this video by my favorite streamer, gaymer_101
Hey bro I just pre-ordered the 15th title in the franchise, they changed the mechanics and its got a new UI.
I would recommend you look into pubg if you like hardcore shooters man
by Craig_wu October 19, 2017
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An immature and innacurate insult of a gamer. Commonly used by lonely, fat virgins who have nothing better to do than insult people who play video games. Anyone found using this word should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.
Hey look at him! He's a gay-mer!
by Kaosu June 04, 2005
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