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A sound cats make, a mixture between a regular meow and a howl.
You: Hey Cat.
Cat: Meowl!
by Meowsmeowing January 12, 2012
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A cute noise cats make on a rare occation which sounds like the combination of a meow and an owl hooting. Usually occurs when the cat is startled by something.
Bella creeps up on her cat
Bella: Boo!
Cat: Meowl
Bella: Awww!
by idiotarianism August 04, 2009
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A word that is a combination of lol and meow. A word that you use because you want to sound like a cat, but you don't want to use the typical meow or the typical lol. A word that you usually reuse in the place of lol and sometimes it's a word that you just use when you have nothing better to say.
Person #1: You're so weird meowl.
Person #2: I know meowl.
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by Trappcat December 02, 2017
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