An opportunity for someone (usually a soon to not be friend) to trump you in some grandiose all encompassing fashion so it appears as malice. The delta is so great, that it appears to be infinite and make you wish you were dead. So much so that if you were atop a building that very moment from which you could leap off, the time it would take to hit the street below would still be too great.

1.) Purchasing a dingy only to have your friend pull up in a 200ft yacht. 2.) Getting nosebleed seats to your favorite team only to have your friend appear on the scoreboard announcing his successful purchase of the franchise. 3.) Getting promoted at your job only to be told that your friend has a new position in a much warmer climate, working collaboratively on a new creative project with your boyhood idol.

"Well I just couldn't pass up this occation to tell you..."
by Mook Nerton November 19, 2007
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