a 'menty' is a mental breakdown. the word first used (therefore created) by @ciagalex.
"I just had a menty...i'm honestly so sick of everyone."
"Me too dude."
by youngnblue May 09, 2018
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Menti is short for the Spanish word mentiroso (liar). This term is given to any person who lies on the daily. These type of people are considered habitual liars and are so blind to realize that they are lying.
Me: Dang Paul, I heard a rumor from Isaac that you're gay, is that true??

Paul: What the fuck?? Fuck no! You're fucking stupid if you believe Isaac, lies like that are the reason why everybody calls Isaac menti. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He's the reason why we came up with the word menti, he earned it!
by CallMePendi October 28, 2017
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One who fails to wash hands after utilizing the restroom facilities whilst also being an idiot.
Man, that guys sure is a Menti, he has no clue what the hell he is doing in life.
by HeyGuyImSuper February 13, 2020
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Many of, as in 10:1. Exageration of 'many'.
by Fergus January 29, 2004
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a shorterned term for mental breakdown
damn me, locky-d is extended. i think I'm boutta have another menty-b.
by lumpywren September 04, 2021
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(from Latin) A fun, but more polite and generally, highly acceptable, way of saying brain fart or cerebral flatulence.
David 1: "Oops, sorry, David I MEANT to say I'll hold the fence panel and you hammer the nail in (not screw it in). I think I just had a brain fart."
David 2 (seeming a bit shocked): "A what???"
David 1: "Cerebral flatulence."
David 2: (looking a little confused): "Eh?"
David 1: "A "lapsus mentis"."
David 2: (still looking a little puzzled but just getting it): "Oh!"
by LangFill May 18, 2017
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