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The other half of the human population. Despite what extremists think, we do not deserve to be killed, castrated, mutilated, etc. I ask you, what is the difference in me saying "all women are she-demon with tits that suck you dry of your money," and you saying "all men are dogs, pigs, deserve to be castrated." Think before you say things.
Dr. King once said "Judge a man not by his skin color, but by the content of his character." Judge people by their character, not by what skin color, sex, religion, or culture someone comes from. I find this to be becoming mainstream and acceptable in our culture, to simply demean somebody or an entire demographic based on something that is outside that person or demographics control. I didn't choose to be male, it simply turned out that way. I didn't choose to be white, it simply turned out that way. Most of the rest of the male population and I do not rape women or molest young girls. But there is always going to be bad people among any demographic. Like most black people don't steal, and most immigrants are not illegal.

So I implore you to stop making generalized statements (i.e. "all men are pigs"), blanket accusations, and gross usage of stereotypes and calling it "just" or "right." It is not right, it is not just, and it is not ok.
woman:"All men are pigs"
man:"how would you know about the behavior of an entire demographic of people numbering at approx. 3.5 billion? How do you have the gall to accuse HALF of HUMANITY, off of the infinitesimally small group of men that you have ever met? how about you use logic instead of stupidity and feelings to make an argument before regurgitating misandric and bigoted statements."
by aegisofreason August 22, 2013
Most of them are good people, but I have noticed some things women have said on the site and a lot of the definitions for men on this site are very sexist.

Some sexist women on this site seem to think we are all the same. We aren't. Believe it or not we are not all sex-crazed rapist maniacs or bloodthirsty warmongerers. Most men can keep their urges under control and satisfy them with porn and masturbation, most of us don't want or need to rape women because it is a horrible thing to do. Most of us don't want to murder people or start wars because it only causes suffering, the people who do these things are horrible human beings. Most of us don't think we are better than women, we see them as equals. I don't know why people think we don't, my parents always told me to respect women and see them as equals.

Of course some men are assholes and sexists and i won't deny this, every possible group in the world has assholes, it is unavoidable because it is in human nature to be an asshole. Some women are also assholes and sexists like the people above.

But I don't get why all of the definitions for men seem to be negative, while the ones for women are so glorifying and praising.

Men and women are equal but different. Two sides of the same coin. Two opposites who need each other.

Now, this was a very long post but it's been on my mind for a long time, so let's just stop all of this and love each other a little more.
Most men do not think women are "Cum dumpsters", "Bitches", "Whores" or"Kitchen sluts". The good ones (The majority, at least in the western world, I wouldn't really know how it is in other cultures because I don't live in a place with those cultures.) respect them and view them as equals.
by MrNotASn1per May 25, 2016
Apparently, the better sex.
It's 2009, we really don't need to think we're all so great.
On behalf of all the idiots that call themseves men on this site, ladies, belive me, we are not all like that. Some of us are actually not sexist testosterone filled nut jobs.
If you ever get married, try and avoid those types.
Douche-Men are better than women woooooo!
Normal man- No we're not. We're good at differant things, geez you'd think we were living in the fifties.
by Charmyourfaceoff May 16, 2009
Things With Penises who tell women anything just to get intercorse
timmy is like most men he tells tina he loves her so he can get ass then he never speaks to her again.
by VickyOwnz January 08, 2009
A male of the human species, very under apprecieated considering they advanced society to this point and bend over backwards for women, which quite frankly is a mistake since once that man gets married he is trapped. Besides marriage, many other things oppress men (which feminists who want "equality" fail to mention), an example being that men are more likely to be convicted of false rape accusations from a woman, because he is a man.Men also are forced to sign up for the draft and fight and die in wars they didn't want to be part of, but yet women claim they are the oppressed gender, even though their lives are the most comfortable and the government spoils them.
Men are also victims of gender inequality, but nobody cares because they're supposed to "man up" (which is the most sexist thing anyone can say)
by SovietNether May 17, 2015
has to be macho all the time. dont want to look "gay", even though its proven that more men have sexual thoughts about other men then women have about other women. A lot are very homophobic because they can't let anyone know they are gay or bi.
So girls ask your man if he would have sex with another man, and if he shows his disgust for more than a hour... hes gay.
"Are you gay jon?"

"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! i would never do that!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! thats gross!!!!!!!! thats sick!!!!!!!! dont ever ask me that again!"
by iloveciara July 24, 2005
1. Purely logical and emotionally stable, they will insult each other and gossip during their daily man talk, as well as throw epic manly hissy-fits when they FAIL. (Which is pretty much all the time.)
They secretly wish they had their own pair of boobies.
only men r on teh internuts lol!!!11one!11eleventyone!oneone1
by NO WAII! March 05, 2008