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highly sensative and/or controversal information that if women hear their heads will explode
guy#1:Did you know Brett Favre is a blatant homosexual
guy#2:Yes, i have heard as much
unwanted female: What are you talking about?
guy#1: Dammit woman!!
guy#2: What did i tell you about trying to listen to man talk.
by Swedish Bob October 19, 2006
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1. Talking between two male friends that would normally be classified as TMI.

Man talk can include (But is not limited to) penis size, intimate feelings/secrets, or phoebias/childhood.

2. Stuff men like.

This includes (but is not limtied to) tits, women, sex, cars, money, explosions, guns, and other manly memorabelia.
Jacob: I'm 17.5cm... down there.
Andrew: Really? I'm 16.5cm.
Jacob: This isn't awkward or strange at all, because we are good friends and have known each other for a good amount of time and will not lose respect for one another.
Andrew: This was totally a moment of Man Talk.
by BickerWasket October 25, 2009
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A personal talk between two or more close male friends. Similar to what girls do in each other's bedrooms, just not in each other's bedrooms, and without extreme amounts of crying.
Guy 1: What were you doing last night? You weren't on Live.

Guy 2: I was having a Man Talk with the guys.
by MustardTiger009 March 05, 2011
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The conversation two or more guys share that only guys can talk about.

The conversation will usually concern a women or something that women would consider inappropriate.
"Jenny, this is man-talk, go away"

"John, we've got to have a man-talk, Jenny just isn't hitting it like she used to."
by J. Rob August 13, 2009
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a series of grunts and groans that men have used to communicate with each other since the dawn of time.
man: Hhnnnn (while pointing)
Woman: i don't speak man talk
man: it's over over there! gaarghh
by Zeppo VonZapp November 08, 2010
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