Man Jovilene just texted me and said someone is cf with her.
by feedyou July 14, 2017
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Abbr. Chicken Fucker; a person who enjoys to fuck chickens. Either cooked, plucked, dead or infact alive.
But some Cfs have difficulty distingusing raw chicken from cooked chicken. Legend has it that many Cfs have died from intercourse with raw chickens
That chicken is cooked... right?
by El February 8, 2004
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True story - I was washing boneless chicken breasts in the kitchen sink after going to the store and I couldn't help but think to myself...this is like holding a p_____ in my hands. So I proceeded to test my theory with by doing a cf and it was unbelievably similar to the real thing.

I soon thereafter got diagnosed with nonspecific urethritis and had to take antibiotics for a couple of weeks - so consider yourself forewarned.
by REALLY enjoys boneless chicken January 13, 2006
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Girl: Did you see that new CF that 2pm did!?
Girl2: Hell yeah! So hot....
by yourmada January 7, 2010
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