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A big wheel flying through the air, doing a back flip whilst soaring though the heavens majestically forward to the future of time.
AND HIS NAME IS- "Mega faggot" *insert 'The Time is Now' theme here*
by Stamrehn December 16, 2016
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You have gay, super gay, hollywood gay, and flamming gay.. now you have Mega Faggot. The emo kid on You Tube crying his ass off about poor old Britenay Spears is proof enough that the next level exists in the gay scale.
"jesus, that kid in the youtube is a "mega faggot."
by hsh October 01, 2007
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mega faggot is term used to describe a person or thing thats being super gay or annoying.
"yo! that guy is a MEGA FAGGOT"

/stubs toe on table/ screams "MEGA FAGGOT!!"
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by DOG OF WAR June 29, 2018
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When a nigger throws a tricycle of of window making and a vertical flip
Megatron mor like "MEGAFAGGOT"
by Lifeingeneral April 09, 2017
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