a large penis, phallic-saurus
co-worker:wow you look happy today sally!

sally: yea got attacked by the meatmonster last nite
by frankgrimey February 1, 2008
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A very large penis, usually prevalent on the African American and Redneck populations.
Dude, I just saw you looking at that mofucka's meatmonster in the dumpster.
by Ngn660 June 9, 2009
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When a man and women are doing it doggy style the man grabs the womans arms put her ass up and does anal for a few seconds then bites onto her neck and rolls around while giving vaginal sex Then ounce complete The Man Roars and Says MEATMONSTER!
My Neighbors were doing the Davenport Meatmonster last night, I didnt get any sleep
by asdfadfasfasfsdafsaf May 11, 2010
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