The 'Meatball' is a sexual act that consists of a male sucking spaghetti out of a woman's vagina, with a meatball in either side of his mouth. To meatball, the woman must also have each testicle of the male in either side of her mouth.
"Well, we all know who James wants to meatball!"
by Gm6 March 20, 2014
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2 beautiful,and funny ass girls who just like to get wild and have fun, and surround themselves with idiots who use this website as their bible.
Ex 1.
"I love my meatball"
"I love you too meatball!"

Ex 2.
"Damn,I love the meatballs!"

Ex 3.
"Damnnnn I saw you two get wild last nighttt. Meatballllllin for sure."
by jajasuckitbitches November 13, 2011
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a term used during world war ii by the americans refering to the japanese. The large red circle on the flag vehicles and airplanes slightly rembles a meatball.
by Al_the_alky July 21, 2005
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A term used in baseball when a pitcher throws either a very slow pitch or a pitch that is very easy to hit.
"Oh, we're gonna' rip this pitchers tits. He throws meatballs."
by Beastmode02 June 24, 2009
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Used as a verb:
- To meatball, Meatballing
(1) To gain a large amount of weight and obtain obesity in a short amount of time due to intaking incredible amounts of food.
(2) The act of an obese individual rolling towards and over an innocent person.
- To be meatballed
(3) To be rolled over, bumped, squished, crushed, etc. by an obese person.

Used as a noun:
- Meatball
(4) A lump of meat, commonly found in spaghetti.
(5) An obese person, commonly refers to iHeretic.
- Meatballer (n):
(6) One who partakes in the act of meatballing (see definition 2)
- "Daniel, stop eating, if you don't you'll end up meatballing!"

- "Poor Billy got meatballed the other day, he nearly suffocated!"

- "After seeing a meatballer not too long ago I haven't been able to eat or look at spaghetti and meatballs.
by lolololololololwtf March 23, 2008
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All of these other definitions are retarded, it's not that fucking serious. It's a food, not chunky discharge, not a short girl and not the Japanese. It's a fucking ball of meat. THAT'S ALL IT IS!!
Today I made linguine with meatballs and marinara sauce. That's how you use meatball in a sentence.
by Caesarspeaks March 28, 2015
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