A noun used to replace such boring words to lighten up a conversation.
1)MOM- The meat looks so big.
lil' jimmy-You bet that meat is big. I have never seen a larger meat rod.

2)PERVERT- Hey baby! let me touch your new meat.
Stripper- These meats cost 25 grand bitch. pay up you meat stroker
by jimmy bean December 23, 2003
a person that is acting like a dick
your a meat!
by vaguegus February 7, 2004
Meeting someone with the sole intention fucking them.
I so wanna meat Paris Hilton.
by Fred Riahi May 7, 2006
The upper arm fat of an extremely obese person. Hangs down and swings back and forth.
Look at what's her face, she's wearing that short-sleeved shirt again, with her meat hanging out.
by JenThe80'sFan August 31, 2004
I don't know where the... well, current definition of "meat" came from, but let me say this: The person who thought of it is a straight-up pervert.
Anyway, "meat" is pretty much the parts of an animal that can/should be eaten by another animal. By the way, vegans are full of bullshit.
If God didn't want us to eat meat, then why did he make it so tasty.....
by Dr. Unk April 25, 2013
man that is so meat!
what a meaty car!
by jackie gids February 21, 2004
One's significant other, most often used to refer to a female.
Yo, fool, why you be all up in muh meat?!
by ihgsoi June 21, 2004