A person newly on an online dating site.
I saw some new meat while browsing match last night.
by Peter Z November 1, 2007
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A game desperate singles like to play to get themselves out their and pulling new people. Point scoring system involved with sex holding the highest number of points. Forbidden lists of ex partners may also be put in place with forfeits as punishment.
Single A: I need some more love in my life

single B: yeah me too but how theyre is no one on my radar
single A: new meat challenge
by S&B109 October 27, 2014
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When a girl gets off the bed after intercourse and the guy puts his index and middle finger into her vagina and thumb into the anus and pulls her back to the bed.
When i got done with tito's mom i through her back onto the bed with a new jersey meat hook.
by jeff hogg December 6, 2003
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During vaginal sex from behind, i.e. doggie style, the man, or woman with strap on, inserts index and middle fingers into the anus of the pentrated. Forming the fingers into a hook shape, the woman is lifted up and down on the phallus by the "hook", or hand, as if she were a piece of "meat." Hence, New Jersey Meat Hook
I bent her over and gave her the new jersey meat hook. She loved it... absolutely loved it.
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The unusual method of inserting one's finger in the ass of your partner while screwing her, and feeling her cervix. This procedure is most effective from behind.
I was doing this bitch doggy style and gave her a New Jersey meat-hook.
by yoitsme May 28, 2004
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When a guy is screwing another guy or girl, he proceeds to stick his hand up his or her ass then grabs her tail bone. Was created at the University of New Jersy. Hence, New Jersy Meat Hook.
That bitch can no longer feel her toes because i snapped her tail bone last night applying the Jew Jersy Meat Hook.
by Bo Janngles August 31, 2003
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