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hilarious will ferrell movie released in 2004. see it if you wanna laugh.
"You are a smelly pirate hooker. Go back to your home on whore island."

"I'm trapped in a glass case of emotion!"

"Where did you get those suits, the... toilet... store?"

"Yeah, I ate a big red candle"

"The bad man on the bridge, I hit him with a burrito"

"Good evening, San Diego. I'm Ron Burgundy?"

"I'm Ron Burgundy. Go f*ck yourselves, San Diego."

"I love... lamp"

"We're trying this new fad called jogging. Or it might be pronounced yogging."

"Play yazz flute for us!"
"Oh, im totally unprepared" -pulls flute out of pocket
by rainynights447 August 04, 2005

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horror movie released in 2005. plot was a little rediculous, wasnt scary AT ALL, but was a great movie because you got to see paris hilton DIE woot
person 1: paris hilton got a javelin through her head in house of wax!
person 2: sweet!
by rainynights447 August 03, 2005

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When you wake up on, for example, tuesday morning and go to sleep wednesday night without any sleep in between.
"I pulled an all-nighter tuesday night and was so tired that I went to bed at 7 wednesday night!"
by rainynights447 July 13, 2005

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see also ddr

an arcade game (although there are also versions for video game systems) where the player stands on a metal platform with 4 arrows (right, left, up, down). Arrows move up (or down if you have mad skillz) the screen, and when they hit the top the player steps on the corresponding arrow. The steps follow the beat of the music thats playing, which is where they get dancing, even though it doesnt really look like you're dancing (unless, once again, you have mad skillz and can spin and do all this other crazy stuff... takes lotsa coordination). 5 modes - beginner, light, standard, heavy, challenge. Challenge isnt too much different from heavy though. The step patterns and speed of the steps get faster/harder as the modes get harder, lotsa songs are a lot harder than others *cough*LEGEND OF MAX*cough*. really addicting, lotsa fun, awesome game. GO TO AN ARCADE AND PLAY IT, YOU LOOSER!!! =P
DDR rocks my socks man!
by rainynights447 August 04, 2005

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guy shorts that girls wear, only cool when authentic (IE bought in the guys department or stolen from a boyfriend or something). mad comfortable, makes me not wanna wear female shorts anymore.
i bought new man shorts at the mall last week, and people were looking at me kinda funny when they saw me browsing the guy's department. man shorts rock!!!
by rainynights447 August 04, 2005

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A pretty good emo band, but why in the hell is MTV playing Ohio is for Lovers?? MTV is not supposed to play emo bands!!! The only rock they play is crappy stuff like good charlotte and simple plan, where did they hear about hawthorne heights?? it is NOT MTV music!
Get Hawthorne Height's "The Silence in Black and White", its good music!
by rainynights447 July 11, 2005

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A really long french fry.
"Ellyn, may I have a mazeltov?"
"UGH, fine. here."

"Nicole, may I have a mazel tov?"
"What's a mazel tov? I don't know spanish."
by rainynights447 July 11, 2005

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