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A woman who says stuff that if a man said, he’d be shamed for life.
Zara Larson is ‘a feminist’ despite claiming to be a ‘man-hater’.
by KeeneyBoiiiii January 01, 2021
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The worst question any employee can be asked.

This question means that the employee has a Karen on their hands and they will probably get punished because ‘The customer is always right

Karen: *gets 2 packets of ketchup in McDonalds
Karen: *yells at employee because the table beside her got 3 ketchup packets*
Karen’s thoughts: Ima end this man’s whole career
May I speak to the manager?
by KeeneyBoiiiii April 25, 2020
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Used to make teachers leave a Zoom Class.
Teacher: How do I turn up the volume?
Students: Alt+F4
Teacher: (leaves)
Students: (can now do what they want)
by KeeneyBoiiiii May 18, 2020
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The best song of 2020.

By Little Mix
He used to sing me Sweet Melodies.
He played me, made me believe

It was real love
Sing me (a) Sweet Melody

But the day he did me wrong

The song couldn’t go on and on and on.
by KeeneyBoiiiii January 01, 2021
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Teenager: Up the RA!
British person: You do know that phrase supports a terrorist organization.
by KeeneyBoiiiii April 26, 2020
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