Born Paul Little, Max Hardcore has made a name for himself as the filthiest man in porn.

His film series include:

Max World
Planet Max
Pure Max
The Max Factor
Max Extreme
Hardcore Schoolgirls
max hardcore is one sick fuck
by the max faktor December 2, 2004
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An ancient looking male porn star who has a small penis, no upper lip/weak mouth, a dirty mouth(verbally) and a penis that looks as if it were grafted from a pre-teen. His success shows that anyone can make it and endure in pornography.
"Max Hardcore" is symbolic of all that is wrong in modern porn."
by Modern Cynic June 3, 2005
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one time max pissed up a girl's asshole, then made her drink it with a long bendy-straw
max hardcore is awesome
by max world November 30, 2004
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To have super-rough wierd sex with a girl, in the manner of pornographer extrordinaire, Max Hardcore.
I totally gave that girl the Max Hardcore.
by max December 21, 2004
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A male humanoid life form which is getting rich because millions of men get turned on by watching violence against and degradation of women and children. The demand for infinitely vile images of women being urinated on, gang raped, being made to eat feces, physically and verbally assaulted, and degraded in the most extreme way imaginable has been increasing steadily.
When Neil Malamuth of UCLA published several studies which showed that at least one-third of men admit that they would rape a woman if the could escape detection, the public was shocked.

Considering that 90% of all scenes of best-selling pornography depict violence against women (see Robert Wosnitzer et al., 2006, "Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography: A Content Analysis") this is hardly surprising.

The state of "men's" mental health and their attitude toward women is truly disturbing. "Max Hardcore" seems to be an average male.
by The Happy Humanist July 27, 2010
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An extremley perveted man who produces pornographic videos in which he dresses up young women to look as though they are under age then proceeds to do extremeley disgusting acts with them including pissing in their mouths and assholes, shoving his cock down their throat until they puke all over it and their face, and blowing his load in their various orifaces. It is sick and vile viewing, yet somehow I cant stop watching
Random person: Did you catch that new max hardcore flick? Its fucking gross!

Me: Yeah, I cant stop watching it.
by Bald Headed Bastard January 27, 2004
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A man who's pornography is sick, and pervese, yet strangely entertaining. Can you stomach it?
The website; is listed on Wikipedia's list of shock sites. It shows a picture of a young girl puking over max hardcores manhood. This link is sometimes considered worse than goatse or even tubgirl and/or tubboy
by hardcoreQ August 2, 2005
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