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Anything that one finds appealing, especially those things that a person(male or female) finds to be sexually stimulating, arousing.
"Corey was turned on watching the Max
Hardcore pornvideo, using it at least twice while masturbating, not turned off by the fact Max is an old man."
by Modern Cynic July 03, 2005

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An ancient looking male porn star who has a small penis, no upper lip/weak mouth, a dirty mouth(verbally) and a penis that looks as if it were grafted from a pre-teen. His success shows that anyone can make it and endure in pornography.
"Max Hardcore" is symbolic of all that is wrong in modern porn."
by Modern Cynic June 03, 2005

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Italian porn star who looks, in fact, non-Italian. Rocco Siffredi is one of the few male sex actors who has real name recognition, due largely to his
decidedly nasty sexual exploits with mainly European females. Zoom shots of Siffredi's anus during sex reveal he may well have hemmorhoids. Nasty
I went to the doctor today and he said I was suffering from "Siffredi Ass" and need to use Preparation H.
by Modern Cynic June 03, 2005

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