a kid who likes to play girls but all so flirts with guys. everyone likes him but is said to suck in bed.
mattew is awsome but when we got in bad it was pretty bad
by georgeWatson1001001 April 17, 2010
a spelling error that watches too much anime
god: I did create the human race for someone to be named "Mattew"
by jenfiekfeijnfkw November 12, 2019
a shy boy who is funny and kind but gets hard by just hugging a girl and is a total simp
wait are you dating mattew west?
by matibalajerta173 November 6, 2020
when you give somone a blow job in a store when its open
"dude i just got a mattews shopping list in walmart"
by SMLI R2 August 29, 2009