the best qb in the nfl took over the atlanta falcons after vick fucked them over rookie of the year and the best qb ever future mvp super bowl winner and hall of famer. he is gonna go off this year and him and roddy white are gonna b the new peyton and marvin.
whos the best qb?
ohhhh yaaaa matt ryan

whos the biggest thug?
ohhhh yaaaaa matt ryan

whos the mvp of the nfl in 2010 and every other year?
ohhhh yaaa matt ryan
by every other qb in the nfl April 30, 2009
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Quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons football team of the National Football League. Looks like a 40 year-old lesbian.
Wow, look at that middle-aged lesbian....oh no wait, that's matt ryan!
by hambone skeet skeet October 8, 2013
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The best qb in the league. yeah he went 4-12, but but because he had a sh!t line. He still was top 3 around those rookies. In 2012, he raped Peyton Manning.

he will win the Super Bowl in the next 5 years.
Who just made Drew Brees look like sh!t again? Matt Ryan
by b17 January 19, 2014
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