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A RunningBack who can taste the Rainbow and Runs all over the new Orleans aints. Also see BeastMode

He used to play for the Bills, and now plays for the Seahawks. His power gets multiplied when skittles are around. If he wasn't good enough, if there is a Saint around, it triples. Either that or the saints sucks.. which they do. Thus he gained a share of the club and became an owner of the New Orleans saints
Drunk saint fan: its going to be different! this is the 4th time! Marshawn Lynch will be shut down!!!

NFL fan: who was the QB of the saints in 2005?

Drunk Saint Fan: .........
by b17 January 31, 2014
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The best qb in the league. yeah he went 4-12, but but because he had a sh!t line. He still was top 3 around those rookies. In 2012, he raped Peyton Manning.

he will win the Super Bowl in the next 5 years.
Who just made Drew Brees look like sh!t again? Matt Ryan
by b17 January 19, 2014
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the team that just raped Peyton Manning in the superbowl.

the team who has a defense that you want.

i love their defense, and i'm an Atlanta Falcons fan..

i'm jealous... but we'll be back in 2014! Rise up!
the Seattle Seahawks just made Peyton Manning look like Drew Brees.. and Drew brees has a ugly sh*t stain on his face.
by b17 February 2, 2014
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A thing that New Orleans Aints fans say.

it has no real meaning except that it shows that the Aints are inferior to the Atlanta Falcons
Fowler: rotmfflmwdao

Intelligent Falcons Fan: what are you saying?

Fowler rotmfflmwdao!!!

Intelligent Falcons Fan: just shut up.

Fowler: Rotmfflmwdao

Intelligent Falcons Fan: 46 >43

Fowler: ................
by b17 February 13, 2014
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the Qb for the seahawks. He just won the Superbowl.

Hes a very decent QB, but he has the best defense behind him. Its a good thing to have that behind you, but he plays every drive like its the final one, so Russell gets my vote over RGIII and Andrew Luck.

its sad that his biggest Idol, Drew Fleas, gets in doggie position awaiting the awesome Wilson and the Seahawks D. (defense you freaks)

in January of 2013, he lost to the Atlanta Falcons. i take pride knowing my team is the only one who beaten Russell Wilson in the post season.

Rise Up
drunk 49ers Fan: We're not the New Orleans Aints! we got 5 rings!

Russell Wilson: and how many rings did you get in the past 5 years?

Drunk 49ers Fan: ..........
by b17 February 2, 2014
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The Quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, who is also owned by the Atlanta Falcons. No matter what he does, he will have a big fat dirty bird dick up his butt.

He is also the owner of the New Orleans Aints
Russel Wilson is a great Seahawk quarterback, and hes taking the seahawks to a Super bowl. He has yet to make the saints relevant as Owner of the New Orleans saints
by b17 January 31, 2014
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Possibly the Greatest UDFA Linebacker of all history. This guy led the the Falcons in Tackles in 2013, and will do it again in 3 more seasons.

He also saved a persons life he never met. he donated his stem cells to a lady with Leukemia. hes a Class act, unlike shytty Aints players, who cheat and try to hurt people

Also, hes the NFL version of the Most interesting man in the world
Paul doesnt Tackle the Running Back, they just surrender and fall to him

Paul is so good, the Offensive line just lets him pass.

Paul doesn't sack QBs. He Allows you to hit the Turf.

When Paul Worrilow is on the the Field, Offenses choose to Punt on First Down
by b17 January 30, 2014
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