Mathurbating- the act of creating math problems for ones self to solve for sexual pleasure
Dick: dude ted's mom walked in on him mathurbating
by Solid5nake98 November 12, 2013
After engaging in mutual mathurbation, Johnny and Sally walked away laughing with many equations in hand.
by MATHCAMP09 July 31, 2009
The art of discussing ideas in way so as to spend maximum time, while achieving minimal result. It is also used when people try and use intelligent sounding words to conceal their low knowledge levels about an unknown subject.
Mathurbation - My boss mathurbated with me for an hour today
I need a cigarette after 2 hours of mathurbation
by beingmathur March 12, 2017
To do home work and masturbate at the same time.
Aliza wants to mathurbate tonight, but I do not.
by El tornado July 20, 2016
The art of substituting actually interesting content with complex-sounding but actually superficial math. Might bring some degre of arousal for the one performing it and some inexperienced and simple-minded spectators
Sannilkov's entire research has absolutely no contribution to science, it is just mathurbation
by EJMRagent August 26, 2015
Rubbing your abacus until one blows his equations all over ones Pi.

of or relating to Mathematics
Although crippled by Lou Gehrigs disease, Professor Steven Hawkings is still able to stimulate his libido by a healthy dose of mathurbation.

by Chantel Flanery, Nick Zarvis January 30, 2008
The results of rapidly pressing buttons on your calculator!
Bob - 'Hahah look, I'm playing with my calculator'
Bill- 'Wow, pressing buttons on it? Mathurbation!'
Bob - 'But it's so fun! :('
by theyellowasian June 5, 2011