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An adjective used to describe basically anyone attractive. SEE, pretty people MUST be shallow, huh? In a lot of cases, this is true, but not because of their appearance. A lot of people who don't fit society's standard of pretty are as shallow as a petri dish.

Also used to describe people who can pick out any guy/girl to ask out or talk to just by looking at them.
"I am NOT shallow, I like people with depth!! Nevermind that my main concern is how I look and appear to other people!"
-Paraphrase of speech given by an undeniably deep person... well the true stuff that wasn't said, anyways.
by Shameless Plug January 12, 2004
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1. An adjective that describes practically every human being alive with only a few exceptions. I mean, who thinks about other people more than their needs? If you're living in a 3rd world country, suffering constantly or have less than a week to live, you probably aren't going to bitch, moan and remind everyone else of your suffering as much as some asshat kid with 2 tests on the same day! (BLASHPEMY! 2 TESTS?? And HOMEWORK on top of that?? IN-JUST-ICE!!)

2. What to call people, when at lost for words, who enter their own name at Urbandictionary.com with a lengthy paragraph telling readers why (self-absorbed asshat) loves him/herself.
Oh my goodness, it's just a QUIZ. And EVERY-FRICKING-PERSON who went to school got HOMEWORK ASSIGNED TO THEM. How about instead of bitching to me about your trivial "problems", you DO your homework and stop calling me!!
by Shameless Plug January 12, 2004
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The sound of a smitten claymate hitting the ground after hearing/seeing/thinking about something incredibly sexy/hot/adorable done by Clay Aiken.
Awwww...! That adorable TUSHY!! That TUG!! THOSE EYES!!!! (sigh)... **THUD**!!!
by Shameless Plug January 4, 2004
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Hating Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, poseurs, preps, "sluts", Good Charlotte or any other slutty/punk-pop musicians out there. THOSE, my friends, are fads. NOT preppiness.
"I hate fads! I hate Britney! Never mind that hating her is a fad and I'll look so damn stupid 3 weeks from now denying every anti-Britney thing I've said!!"
by Shameless Plug January 12, 2004
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A cheerleader is a person who has decided to take up cheerleading. Being a cheerleader doesn't make a person any less smart, talented or anything. Not all of them are vapid, slutty, preppy, stupid, shallow, spoiled or snobby. Do you know cheerleaders that are? Then it's just THEM, not necessarily every other one!
I myself am not a cheerleader and I am not close friends with any. But they are still people, pigeonholed people who still do what they do despite all the people who ridicule and look down on them. Ironically, those people, the cheerleader haters, are being snobby. Isn't that a bitch?
by Shameless Plug January 28, 2004
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What everyone IS, no matter how hard they claim material things do not matter to them. THIS coming from an asshat with $80 trendy-ass jeans complete with all those useless pockets, zippers and straps and $300 worth of "alternative" jewelery.
"Um... don't need to get me anything this Christmas. I'm kind of like the non-materialistic type. Really, I am."
-that trendily-clad person that pissed me off with the same old non-materialistic bullshit.
by Shameless Plug January 9, 2004
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What evil, sadistic teenagers (who like to watch people writhe in pain with locked up anger inside) can freely accuse others of. People are commonly accused of this because they:

A) Are brutally honest and painfully observant


B) may or may not have made an unfair judgement that does not please the hypocritical accuser.

Funny how you are NOT judgemental should you associate a label that is appreciated. (IE: "Wild" or "Innovative")
"Oh my GOD. I am SO not arrogant!! Ugh, that little bitch, how dare she be so judgemental!!! SHE's the arrogant one, not me! She thinks she's better than me when it's the other way around!! Shower me with compliments, please..."
by Shameless Plug January 12, 2004
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