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The equivalent of a cock block, but when it happens during solo masturbation. Someone knocking on the door while a man is jacking off inside would be masturhating.
Jon: So what'd you do yesterday man?
Alex: I was bored as shit so I was just jacking off until my brother knocked on the door. Totally masturhating.
by Admiral_A1 July 05, 2010
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Masturbating as an act of hatred/violence. Usually involving ejaculation onto other people's furniture, valuable items, and carpets.
Yesterday, I snuck into Connor's house and Masturhated all over his carpet, and parts of the wall.

I was up all last night Masturhating on my roommate's things while he was away.
by Masturhater September 02, 2010
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The act of hating things that no one else cares about alone. Repeatedly.
"Julie has been masturhating like mad! She bitches constantly about hating her boss, but no one else gives a fuck."
by adrug November 27, 2007
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