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"Mashallah" or "Mash'Allah" is an Arabic phrase used to show appreciation for a person or happening. It shows respect, and also reminds that everything is achieved by the will of God. The closest English translation is "God willed it." It is used to show joy and praise, and is evoked upon hearing good news.

The phrase has found its way into the language of non-Arabs, including Turks and peoples of the Balkans, including some who are not of the Islamic faith.
A: I just got an A+ on my exam.
B: "Mashallah!"
by Nick Spontini November 21, 2007
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"Amen" for Muslims. If you omit to say mashallah when someone did something well, you'll be blamed if things go wrong.
My nail broke. It's that bitch Yasmin. She commented on my nail polish and didn't say mashallah.
by Bslo February 15, 2019
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The act of praying to the fortnite gods when opening a supply drop or chest to get a good weapon
β€œMashallah I want a good scar, fuck it’s a pistol”
by Jack Rowlandsons son August 06, 2020
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