arabic islamic origin - meaning 'god-willing' or 'if god is willing'
I'm coming home, I'll be there by Tuesday morning, inshallah.
by hhb September 15, 2006
A general term that arabs use when they are not willing to fulfill their commitments.

Also means God (in this case Allah) willing.
Omar: so when you gonna pay me a visit?
Abdul: soon inshallah
by Yamen May 12, 2008
It means "if god wants to" or "if god is willing to let the thing happen"
It is mostly used by Arab parents as a form of saying no.
"Hey mom, can I.."
by Mischievous T December 31, 2020
An Arabic term, it means literally "Should Allah(God) want to" but when used it means "No" in the least harmful manner.
It's most commonly used as a response to a request of "going out" or "planning a visit".
It's widely used among Arab moms as a reply to her child's request.
- Mom can we go to the park after lunch?
- Inshallah habibi.
- So should I get dressed?
- Inshallah.
by Mr. Muakond July 24, 2017
The muslim way of saying no or never.
Bae: Are you sure you're going to marry me? We've already done it all.

Nae: Inshallah, I will!
by nomanito December 20, 2018
A style of football that commonly played with one or more players mindlessly spamming crosses into the box and praying for a player to be on the receiving end.
“Of course he gets another assist, Trent the Cross and Inshallah Merchant
by Givemeyourbankdetails May 5, 2020