a combination of motherfucking starving, another word for aggressively hungry
I haven't eaten all day I'm marving
by rhubarbpiesandendlesslies January 8, 2012
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To eat someone out. To have oral sex with a woman.
Catotromic: man i had some stanky fingers this morning
Twenty: how come?
Catotromic: all i remember from last night was meeting up with this broad at buffalo bills with my buddy, then me just marving her out on her cousins livingroom floor
Twenty: what the heck is marving?
Catotromic: eating her out
by Worldcoast July 17, 2006
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Moderately starving.
"Are you hangry?"

"No. I'm only marving."
by Finalpoet September 14, 2018
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To suffer from extreme hunger.

From the English word starved.
I have not had anything to eat since yesterday! I'm so Marved!
by Chibs May 25, 2005
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"I haven't eaten all day man, I'm so marved!"
by LILR1 July 11, 2008
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1.) Short for marvelous
2.) A word to describe someone who is very hott or cute
by FERSHEEZyy May 20, 2006
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He's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He will genuinely care about you and trust you if you give him a good reason to. He is very cute and manly. He's a guy who can be sweet and caring but will fuck up your day if you cross him.

Get a guy like him who can do both ♡
Marve is the best bean.

Marve looks amazing in a flower crown.
by ItsYaboiJake June 27, 2017
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