Marron is an Australian crayfish, known for his juicy taste when you bite down on his long, thick and crusty body parts
Person 1. Hey what did you eat yesterday
Person 2. A Marron's juicy long thick and crusty body parts

Person 1. Wow..
by Wappur February 6, 2020
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The state of extreme sassiness. Being extremely sassy.
"Did you hear about how sherelle told off that group of jersey shore wannabes?"
"yeah, she was totally marroning."
by thatkidddddddddddd November 20, 2011
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n. "Mr. Brown" : a general term for a Spanish teacher of Hispanic or Latino origin.

This term only applies if the teacher is either:
1. very tan
2. is a native of a Spanish speaking country
3. obsessive over various aspects of the Latino culture
Señor Marron: ¡Clase! Hoy tenemos un examen oral. Quiero que todos saquen buenas notas.

Mr. Brown: Class! Today we have an oral examination. I want you all to get good grades.
by Vito Rodriguez January 28, 2009
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Baller status, professional among all standards, means business, and doesn't dick around. Often considered a divine interventionist. One of these only comes once an aeon (1,000,000,000 years).
One day a new Lorenzo Marrone will rise again from the mist.
by The Machiavelli February 5, 2010
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When someone finds a sexual partner considerably better looking than themself.
Dennis: Hey Barry, have you seen my new misses?
Barry: Yes mate, you are clearly batting marron!
by Go55y September 9, 2017
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The act of having so much swag that all of the women within a twenty mile radius instantly become pregnant just by your presence alone.
"Bro, I tuned my swag on so high I think I over did it!"

"Yeah, you were Shawn-Marroning, broseph. Good luck with all the child-support."
by ShawnMarronAdmirer November 16, 2011
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Negre Marron is a netlabel started by René Guemps in 2018 in New York City.
It's an online record label that distributes Haitian musics through digital audio formats over the Internet.
Hey you heard, Negre Marron Records just released a new hit single?
by Reneofny May 28, 2018
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