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1. (interjection) Something a stupid person says because they don't know what else to say.
Person 1 (8:31:10 PM): MARP!
Person 2 (8:31:35 PM): What the hell is wrong with you?
Person 1 (8:31:51 PM): MARP!
by Pea Tear Griffyn August 09, 2004
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a type of frog who when angered can produce a sound so loud that is has been know to explode stuff.
science teacher: take a look at this Marp guys.
kids: COOLLL
kids: I wanna touch it I wanna touch it
*Marp gets angry*
*school blows up
kids: Yay! No school!
by Greg Papadoupalas April 07, 2019
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The best phonetic description of the noise Penguins makes.
ie:a cow goes moo, a sheep goes baa, a penguin goes marp
by Wren June 25, 2005
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An expression used when one mispronounces a word, trips on his/her own two feet, makes an awkward hand or facial gesture, and/or imitates a mentally handicapped person.
person one: I got caught pissing in the girls bathroom sink.
Person two: MARRRRRRRRP!
by Chloe May 21, 2004
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Used to describe extremely annoying females that are just plain stupid moles. Girls that hang around people that don't like them because they have no other friends and have done pretty much every guy on the block. They're like a toxic odour that just lingers there for days and days and is impossible to get rid of. Death to all marps!
Erin McKay is The Original Marp.
by The Narrator April 12, 2005
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The only vocal tone of boxers featured in Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!! for Nintendo. The "marp marp marp" sequence is often used to express a taunt, to encourage Little Mac to "step up".
When King Hippo waves his glove and says "MARP MARP MARP", hit him in the gut! You will expose his weakness!

And don't forget to join the Nintendo Fun Club!
by Von "Kaiser" Hayes January 12, 2005
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1. (Exclamation) Basic exclamation for someone who can't think of a better word at the time.
2. (Noun) A move or greeting where two people high five each other, then proceed to keep one hand forward and shake the other hand, open, in the air, behind oneself. Done as a gesture of great friendship, or in private because you have nothing better to do.
3. (Verb) To do the marp/To marp(See above)
4. (Verb) To roll one's tongue in a sexual manner.
5. (Adjective) Stupid; Silly; Outrageous
6. (Preposition) Above; on top of.
1. "MARP!"

2. *Marp*

3. "'I do the marp'; 'I marp'

4. *Marps*

5. "What a marp t-shirt."

6. "The tea's marp the cabinet."
by Zimlock December 02, 2008
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