NCT 127-Mark lee
NCT dream-Mark lee
NCT U-Mark lee
NCT 2018-Mark lee
SuperM-Mark lee
by Lee Soo Man July 26, 2020
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He is the future of kpop. Multi talented humble God fearing gentleman hot cute sexy caring baby (I love him)
Others: Oh isn't Mark Lee from NCT 127?

Nctzens: Yes

Others: Then why I saw him performing with a group named SuperM?

Nctzens: Yes....... he is also a member of SuperM. He's Mark Lee from NCT U,NCT Dream,NCT 127, and SuperM

Others: Wait what
by October 28, 2020
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Mark Lee is the main rapper, main dancer, and sub-vocalist of NCT. He belongs to 3/4 of all NCT units and is also a part of the K-Pop super group, SuperM. At some point, he's the youngest, oldest, leader, and sub-center of the group. He's still so young, but he's now considered as one of the richest rappers born in Canada. Aside from his positions in NCT, he also has many talents such as playing the guitar, piano, and flute and is very capable in freestyle rap. He is also a lyricist and has the most songs written among all NCT members. He also has special talents: paper tearing impression, electic fly swatter impression, and many more!

He also has a bubbly personality and a loud voice, that's why people around him often takes a liking to him, since he seems very bright. He also has a very thrifty and sentimental personality, when someone gives him a gift, he'll definitely cherish it. He doesn't spend money as much as others and will continue to use something as long as it's in a good condition(even if it has been around for years).

His distinct features is his eyebrows that are shaped like seagulls, and his prominent cheekbones.
I love Mark Lee.
Mark Lee is an actual ace.
by Moooork Leeeeeh July 16, 2020
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he is a member of NCT 127, NCT DREAM and SUPERM.

-shakespeare has been real quiet since mark lee dropped his quotes.
Mark Lee said you better stream Resonance Performance MV on Dec. 6 or he will kick your ass
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by wazzuuupp December 02, 2020
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Person1:omg mark lee is such a good dancer
Person2:and a great rapper
Person3:and he can sing and play the guitar
person2:yes he's the only man with rights
by watchyoqueenhitthedecklikeppam December 01, 2020
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Mark Lee is a Canadian member of the group NCT. He is currently in 3 units of NCT (NCT 127, NCT Dream and NCT U). He is a main rapper and sometimes a leader. He is very talented.
Person A: Who is Mark Lee?

Person B: He's a member of NCT ! :)
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by December 03, 2020
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The cutest and awkwardest but insanely talented multitalented powerhouse of the ever expanding boy group NCT under SM Entertainment. Also is the maknae/youngest kiddo in SuperM, a supergroup jointly managed by Capitol Records and SM Ent. His omnipresence in 4 units is pretty worrisome for his health.
He is particularly known for his rapping skills, dancing and his world renowned omelettes, even acknowledged by Gordon Ramsay. He is known to laugh a lot, he loves watermelons, and looks like a baby cheetah. You can't hate him, no matter how much you claim. Try it losers.
Person: Hey who's that you're looking at?
NCTzen: That's Mark Lee, ma-
Person: main rapper of NCT, in NCT 127, in 7Dream, in NCT U and in SuperM, particularly- (proceeds to give the entire data of Mark Lee)
NCTzen: wow you know all about him!
Person: he's everywhere- even on the TV
NCTzen: wow he's that widespread-
Person: no literally he's sitting on my TV
Mark Lee: (on the TV Box) LEZGITIT!
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by johnnyseopreme November 30, 2020
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