the main rapper of nct, and in some cases also the leader, youngest member, and vocalist. he's young, and yet he's accomplished more than you ever will. a truely talented god.
mark lee is the love of my life.
by totally not RWAE November 21, 2017
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1. A boy that will laugh at everything that you say, no matter how serious you are being.

2. Foreign swagger.
I am sorry, Mark Lee is in his puberty!
by Jihyobabe January 7, 2018
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1. Talented
2.His cooks get noticed by Gordon Ramsay
"Get back on Tinder"
3. Extraordinary
4. Let's get it
5. He can't drink
"He is in Nct u, Nct dream, Nct127 right?"
"Yes, He is Mark Lee"
by blackmarkeu June 7, 2018
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A multitalented, intellectual, all-rounder Canadian-born citizen with a Korean ethnicity born on 2nd of August 1999. He is a Korean Pop Idol and debuted in 2016. He is a member of Kpop group NCT (with 4 subunits NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream and WayV) and SuperM. He is included in all units of NCT excluding WayV. He is a main rapper, main dancer and sub-vocalist in NCT. He is the leader in NCT Dream. He is a main rapper and lead dancer in SuperM. He writes his own rap parts and composes some of their music.

He is someone who laughs at all jokes, cute without even trying, soft off-stage and hard on-stage, demonstrates spider-man reflexes, sporty, watermelon lover, can produce different sounds, dependable and hardworking, down-to-earth and an adorable person who is loved by everyone.

He has a lot of names: Mork, Lee Markeu, SpiderMark, SuperMark, Mark Anderson, Mark Lee Johnson, Pro-debuter, Meme King, Baby Cheetah, Baby lion, Rap Flow King, Laughing Machine, Seagull, Watermelon Boy.....etc......

He swears off-cam (low-key on-cam). He cannot cook. He is socially awkward. EVEN ALL OF THESE ARE HIS CHARMS.

Thank you for existing Mark Lee.
Mark Lee is the real G.O.A.T!
by 02superkid August 29, 2020
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person 1: god doesn’t exist.

person 2: lemme tell you about a boy called mark lee-
by luvbot April 14, 2019
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mark lee is a canadian rapper apart of the group nct. he cant freestyle but we been knew. he is always water hungry not thirsty. and he always says lets get it.
mark lee: have you ever been water hungry

jaehyun: you mean thirsty?
mark: no water hungry
by that one mark lee stan November 17, 2018
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Mark lee the multi talented singer, rapper, dancer and professional baby he’s so far been a part of four units in the kpop Group NCT. Units NCT U, NCT127, NCT Dream,NCT 2018.

He also is a solo artist and soon to be in kpop group SuperM in conclusion Everyone Loves Mark Lee he has everything to offer he’s cute, funny and a stupid Canadian (I’m Canadian so I can say that lol) overall Stan talent Stan NCT and Mark Lee ❤️
Person: who’s Mark Lee?

Nctzen: only the most talented baby
by Marksanuwu September 14, 2019
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