A K-Pop ''Supergroup'' formed by SM Entertainment & Capitol Music Group in 2019.

Mark Lee

They released their 1st Mini Album 'SuperM' on the 3rd Of October and also released the music video for 'Jopping' on the same day. They had their debut stage on the 5th Of October in the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, LA.
''Have you heard of SuperM?''

''No, all I know is that it supposed to be a ''supergroup'' that is promoting in America?''
by Levi Nye October 6, 2019
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A kpop group with endless power!
SuperM is legendary!
by Supermstan August 28, 2019
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Sperm of superb qualities, highly fertile and pleasant to the taste.
1. He was renowned among the local girls for his superm and it was considered foolish and wasteful not to swallow.

2. Superm owners are always welcome in our Institute of Family and Reproduction

by Yonie June 13, 2007
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(verb) to participate in a hybrid or joint venture group
(noun) a hybrid group consist of different members from different places, backgrounds, or ages in general
Kai is rumored to superm in a group named SuperM
Kyungsoo be like: To superm in a group named SuperM?? What the fuck is that
by soomanies November 22, 2020
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