mark lee is a canadian rapper apart of the group nct. he cant freestyle but we been knew. he is always water hungry not thirsty. and he always says lets get it.
mark lee: have you ever been water hungry

jaehyun: you mean thirsty?
mark: no water hungry
by that one mark lee stan November 17, 2018
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Mark Lee is the main rapper, main dancer, and sub-vocalist of NCT. He belongs to 3/4 of all NCT units and is also a part of the K-Pop super group, SuperM. At some point, he's the youngest, oldest, leader, and sub-center of the group. He's still so young, but he's now considered as one of the richest rappers born in Canada. Aside from his positions in NCT, he also has many talents such as playing the guitar, piano, and flute and is very capable in freestyle rap. He is also a lyricist and has the most songs written among all NCT members. He also has special talents: paper tearing impression, electic fly swatter impression, and many more!

He also has a bubbly personality and a loud voice, that's why people around him often takes a liking to him, since he seems very bright. He also has a very thrifty and sentimental personality, when someone gives him a gift, he'll definitely cherish it. He doesn't spend money as much as others and will continue to use something as long as it's in a good condition(even if it has been around for years).

His distinct features is his eyebrows that are shaped like seagulls, and his prominent cheekbones.
I love Mark Lee.
Mark Lee is an actual ace.
by Kimmekimmeyyah July 16, 2020
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A Canadian Asian God who will unleash all your UWUs.
Mark Lee has snatched all my UWUs.
via giphy
by 3racha-WOW- June 16, 2019
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Mark lee is a 20 year old Canadian Rapper in the K-pop group that goes by NCT, he is in or has been in, nct 127, super M, nct dream and Nct u as of 2020
person 1: you know NCT right? whos your favourite rapper?
person 2: probable Mark lee
by markleeson May 07, 2020
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The best Canadian rapper. And a little baby lion. The type of guy who would laugh at the smallest jokes. A type of guy you can’t hate.
I’m totally in love with Mark Lee.

How can i get a guy like mark lee?
by Josemarklee August 31, 2020
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he's better than you in everything else. he's extremely smart, he's more talented, he's richer, has a bigger dick, he's cuter, he's cuter, he's cuter, and has the better nose scrunch. addison rae got nothing on this sexy mf. he should trademark hip thrusts. have you seen that cherry bomb fancam? yea ;-;
: oh so you're a kpop fan? which group?
: the group that has a mark lee
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by leon supremacist November 30, 2020
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Mark lee.... is a Canadian boy who loves watermelons just an ordinary teenager who got abducted by Lee sooman and now is currently a part of NCT DREAM, NCT U,NCT 127 NCT 2018 NCT 2020 and Superm .

Everything about him is charming from his laugh to his smile to his rap talent
Mark Lee is the goats
by Markleeenthuaiasit October 19, 2020
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