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a nice,cute,smart loving andgirl who always understands all your problems and you trust her with like anything and everything.
mariya is caring
by shaghufta November 30, 2012
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The most amazing person to ever walk the planet. Someone who everybody loves to listen to and is always the life of the party! Whenever she walks into the room everybody becomes instantly jealous of her pure awesomeness.
Girl 1: Awwwww snap! Mariya just came in!
Girl 2: I feel completely inadequate now...
by ssoccerbuddy18 November 26, 2011
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a smart, young, beautiful girl that gets good grades yet does not realize she is a huge drama queen. Mariyas are often popular and have an awfully large amount of friends
Wow, i wish i were a mariya
by none of yo business June 20, 2003
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A girl who is always effortlessly hot. She has no need for make up but tends to wear it anyway. She comes off as a strong person but her actions are often heavily influenced by others. Tries to jump into relationships too fast. Mariya's frequently fall in love with their closest male friends but when they ask her out she declines, saying that she 'doesn't want a relationship right now' which causes them to ask out one of her bestfriends to make her jealous and then when he touches her in front of Mariya then Mariya gets upset and angry.
1: Hey who's your friend?
2: Oh, this in Mariya.
1: God dayyyum girl! Did you fall out of heaven because please have sex with me
2: Hey hey Patrick put your penis away!!

Mariya: Luuucy, Jeremy's touching Nadia!
Lucy: Well, they are kind of dating.
Mariya: But I like him!
Lucy: What the fuck Mariya he asked you out and you said no!
Mariya: I just didn't want a relationship.
Lucy: Ugh.
by Whatagirlllll March 23, 2013
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One who talks a lot but is smart and PMS a lot an sometimes a BITCH!
Mariya feels good when she PMS
by John April 13, 2005
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Is a Hot girl with a damn very hot ass and is intelligent and tall and hot Abd beautiful and has one of the best ass it is so hot and it is fun to fuck a mariya.
Mariya you have a sexy ass
by Mr ahmen February 28, 2014
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