"Yo soy boriqua, pa que tu los sepa!"
by R0SiE May 2, 2005
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From Puerto Rico, derived from Boriqua the original name of Puerto Rico before the spaniards came to teh island.
I am a proud Boriqua honey from the Bronx!
by ChiAli February 24, 2005
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A person who was BORN in Puerto Rico. Those of Puerto Rican heritage born in continental USA don't count.
1. I was born in Puerto Rico, therefore I am Boriqua
2. I am from the Bronx, therefore I'm Boriqua de corazon
by Stephanie T. September 8, 2005
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Puerto Rican Jew who meets random people at clubs and introduces themselves as Boriqua.
Nazneen wishes she was Boriqua-stein, but she's unfortunately not Jewish.
by Marjan October 18, 2007
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