marinate (gaming term)

Used in games like Among Us or Mafia where you gain a player’s trust only to betray them later in the game.

Commonly used in Disguised Toast’s friend group, the player, usually named Toast (commonly referred as to as the best Among Us player) would gain a crewmates trust and get them to vouch for him only for him to kill them later.
Marinate example:

Valkyrae: No it’s not me! Talia don’t listen to him He is marinating you!

Talia: No, he was next to me the entire time I don’t know he could’ve killed?

Valkyrae was not the imposter...

by Amongusvibes October 18, 2020
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Thinking deeply about a subject or situation; allowing and idea to "settle in".
"I was thinkin' it be nice to let me put my finger in yo' asshole. Go on and let that marainate, girl".
by houston southsider March 29, 2005
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The act of inserting one's penis into a vagina. Once inside no movement or friction is allowed. You just chill, and I imaging you try not to look each other in the eye.

A common practice amongst religious youth... the poor bastards.
"Jill, don't cry. You aren't going to hell. It's not like we came. We just marinated. It means we love each other."
by IntoxicatedMormon June 19, 2009
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When in college, the act of doing nothing in your pajamas, just laying around in your room. Most of the time without under clothes.
Brittlyn: I dont have class until 3 today so I'm just going to go marinate in my room
Anna: ok cool, i think ill join you when i get out of class at 1
by sexyass12345678 October 11, 2012
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To post a status on Facebook, then to leave it for a while to accumulate statuses and comments before replying to the comments or posting up new statuses.
"Maria posted twenty statuses today"

"Come on, Maria! Let your last status marinate for a while!"
by Shadia10 December 31, 2014
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The act of sitting on the couch and not acomplishing anything at all.
I was gonna go to class but my i got high and decided to "marinate" intstead.
by Vegas March 29, 2003
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When you wait two or more minutes to open a text message from somebody you like to make him/her more interested in you
Don’t open it yet, you gotta marinate
by Englishkid8 April 10, 2019
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