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The overexposure of thong underwear, typically on women (or men) too overweight to rightfully be wearing such garments.
"That hairy Danish guy is running another marathong at the beach."

"Hey pal, what's with the banana hammock? You trying to win a marathong?"
by revenge_of_tastycakes May 04, 2009
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Long distance road race for women who like to jog in their underwear
mike: My wife is entering the marathong this year
joe: Really? Wow. She must have a real passion for running, huh?
mike: Nah. It's just an excuse for her to binge shop Victoria's Secret again
joe: Oh...
by AcheNot January 24, 2018
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To "marathong" is the act of wearing a thong (g-string) over an elaborated period of time

A "Marathong" is generally undertaken by prostitutes/hoes, due to bad hygiene and/or the recession.

As the action is not one of glorification and is just plain nasty; to catch someone "marathonging" (for whatever reason)will result a somewhat tarnished reputation
A:"shirly jones is fi-iine, i'm thinking of inviting the bitch round for a lil sum-sum"

B: "Ah hell no man, that bitch was on a marathong when she slept with half the neighborhood, she wore the same leopard print thong for four days"

A: "That shit is nasty"

B: "Word"
by obamafan1234456 March 25, 2009
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When the sweat builds up in a marathon participant's undergarments, the result is a squishy bunching of clothing in the lower regions. The squishing of the undergarment is so tight, it appears visually related to a thong. This phenomenon is known as a "Marathong".
Joe ran so hard at the marathon, the resulting marathong left him immobile for two weeks.
by SN33KYSN33KY February 18, 2009
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marathong can be a verb or a noun

1. to marathong means to have a steady stream of thongs on your apartment floor as you make hot monkey sex with nice girls

2. marathong: The act of having thongs thrown on your floor as you have hot monkey sex.
i can't wait to go to the party i'm going to be marathonging with everyone!

damn i cant believe i missed out on that marathong since i missed the party
by Lauren Pinzy February 18, 2009
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