Kasie is a Nigerian name. Kasies are usually very shy people but they never, ever show it. They look like snubs but they're actually sweethearts if you get to know them better. They act like they don't care about you, but deep down, they give two fucks. They find it hard to fall in love and trust people, and once they do, its hard to let go. Kasies are very sensitive but they act tough outside. They cry a lot when they're sad and can get really emotional.
Kasies love to laugh and have fun. They are usually very playful and fun to be with
by arebellefleur September 3, 2018
Kasie is wonderful!
-very sexy
-incredible wife
-some may even call her superwoman
-has some peculiar children
-great eye-candy
-good dancer
-gets no cheese on sandwiches
-likes a nice waltz
-not fond of football games
Kasie, being superwoman, loves superman.
by chica misteriosa December 13, 2010
UUUHMAAAAZING! Fun to argue with! Kind, warm hearted, loving woman. A female named Kasie will always be loyal, trustworthy and care about the people in her life.
Kasie just made me the best dinner I have ever had!!!
by gussifer February 21, 2013
Amazing girl, so sweet, cute, sexy, perfect in everyway, looks like a super model, makes everyone laugh, thinks less of her self when really she deserves the world and more, very loving, amazing girlfriend, wants what's best for everyone else, puts everyone before herself, loyal, funny, beautiful, most likeable person you will ever meet, everybody wants her so if u have her keep her, such a beautiful person inside and out, shes a goddess, she's cuddly, sensitive but if u get on her bad side she's a bad ass bitch and won't tolerate disrespectful behaviour towards anyone, stands up for people and loves to make people happy even tho she's going through alot of her own stuff making people happy makes her happy, and she will treat u well if u respect her, treat her right bcs shes JUST AN AMAZING GIRL SHE'S PERFECT
Boy 1: yo bro look it's kasie

Boy 2: omg shes so fit I just got hard bcs she walked past kasie is amazing I wanna be her boyfriend

Boy 1: everyone wants to date her not just you

Boy 2: I know it's so unfair me and you can share her okay
Boy 1: deal I'll have her from Monday to Wednesday you have her from Thursday to Saturday n we can split Sunday's

Boy 2: yeah deal
by We don't like toms May 4, 2020
A girl with a super imagination! You'd want to be friends with her, she sometimes might be a bit braggy at times but she's kind at heart. Don't say anything she doesn't like or she'll aim at you!
Kasie is a caring girl
by Xxcocopro101xX October 28, 2020
See Liar,Backstabber,Dork,Slore,and Pervert.
When you have friends like Kasie Sokol, you don't need enemies.She's the kind of person that treats everyone like crap because she thinks she can get away with it.
by Everybody October 1, 2004