A cult leader from the 1960's who is still considered the "most dangerous man in America". Even after his incarceration, his followers still recruit more people to join his cause and there are new members every day.
by Mike August 26, 2003
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A crazy dude who didn't even have the guts to commit murder himself and ordered his stoner buddies to do it.

Has a lot of retarded followers on the internet who are either A) too stupid to know better and don't read enough about American history to have any real heroes, or B) harbor violent sexual fantasies and support Manson because he was "Totally awesome! He straight up killed people!"
Manson Supporter: UR al SO stoopid! Charles Manson wz framed adn is a TRUE LEDEADER!!!!
by Gilboman March 22, 2008
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a man who was born,November 12, 1934 in america,led a group of outsiders in a group commune he called the Manson family,at the Spahn's Movie Ranch,then later at bekler ranch (sp) of the people at the ranch Susan Atkins,Charles 'tex' Watson,George Spahn (who was nearly blind),and Lynette Alice "squeaky" Fromme
in the 1960's he among others where convicted for the murders of the Tate-LaBianca
he was sentanced the death penalty but courts outlawed it soon after so hs was reduced to life in prison, his family stayed outside the court room every day for moral support,
manson never denyed be an influance on the girls but denyed telling or controlling them to commit any acts of violence or murder,
he was known to experiment with drugs and stage mass orgies at the ranches,
he only told of a apocliptic Armageddon he called "helter skelter" the war of the races and all of the ranch believed him and prepared for a get away to the desert
some people thought him to be a cult leader and in the '60's' their were mamy cults but in todays society he is by no means a cult leader
secret symbols known to be a 'h' interwined with an 's' and barbed wire,or an 'm' in certain calligraphic 'Satanist' styles

"Charles Manson was convicted to be a brainwashing, mass murderer, of a cult leader." "I'd like to believe other wise,"
by "lucy"_of the death blade March 19, 2009
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When you have sex with a girl on her period, pull out, and scrawl pig on her stomach
Honey, next time you act like a raging psycho cunt and blame it on your time of the month, I'll have to give you a Charles Manson for proof
by mr dildo June 10, 2006
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Friggin hippie that brainwashed people into believing his messed up views on life...ordered the death of Sharon Tate and others...
Charles Manson rots in jail because he is a hippie
by SMARTALECK85 April 7, 2006
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A man imprisoned not because there was any evidence to do so, but because the D.A and judge both had big money in book deals and other backdoor deals going.

Also, A man who remains free in his mind.
Charles Manson is innocent of any major wrongdoing.
by Styxman February 7, 2008
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An insane mother fucker, who later influenced the name of the band Marilyn Manson. He is a nazi, white supremacist, hippy (ironic, eh), sex fiend, bisexual, cultist, and serial murderer, all in one. Never thought a man could be that much? Well, he's that much, and more. He's short, aggressive, and spontaneous, too, among other things.

He and/or his cronies - otherwise known as his brain-washed, equally crazed, hippy followers - killed, according to their claims, 35 people, mainly in Los Angeles, California.
You see that unkempt, bearded, bald-headed, foaming-at-the-mouth fucker leaning over the table, shouting in your face, with his hands cuffed behind his back? That's Charles Manson. He's serving life in prison.
by Amerikaner August 26, 2006
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