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A cold lenny is when you take a long hard shit in a bag and freeze it and wait approxamitley 22 - 24 hours till the shit is rock hard frozen and stick it back up your ass as a dildo for erotic pleasure.
My girlfriend Freezes her shit everynight for a nice cold cold lenny for breakfast every morning.
by Cuban Pete December 30, 2004

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A one piece t-back style bathing suit which is supported around the shoulders much like suspenders. Seen on gay friendly beaches all over the world. Only to be worn by the most flaaaaaaayming fags. If you are seen wearing a mankini you are the poster boy for gays......some people might call you faggadocious.......some might even say you are starving a for tube steak smothered in underwear or you are training to suck el-dicko. Everyone will see you as a dung punching ass bandit.
That fruity bastard wearing the mankini is handing out free passes to his ass.
by Cuban Pete October 01, 2004

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Being somewhere when someone there gets amazingly wasted and passes out and you place your Testicles over the victims eyes and your Penis over there nose and they look like gonzo.
Dude i Gave this wasted Bitch a Gonzo last night.
by Cuban Pete August 09, 2004

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Spliff - A circular rolled piece of cardboard usually off a cover of rolling papers or box of ciggarettes placed in the hitting side of a "Blunt" or "Joint" of marijuana to perfect the "Blunt" or "Joint".
Would you like me to put a fat Spliff on your blunt?
by Cuban Pete August 09, 2004

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The end of a Joint or Blunt of marijuana and looks like a cock roach a.k.a. Roach. Contains the most resin, save roaches to roll new blunts or joints for an even stronger effect from the resin.
Damn! that shit burned my fingers Roach that Joint man.
by Cuban Pete August 09, 2004

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