Short for the word mandatory. Something that goes without saying. See also, standard.
dude: You goin on that road-trip with us?

other dude: true

dude: Ok bring some brew

other dude: Mando
by logdropper September 27, 2006
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{noun} (1) A Mandarin (Chinese language) speaker.

(2) The Mandarin language
Hmm, I think that guy's speaking Mando. Yeah I just heard him say "shi", he must be a Mando.
by Hoody88 October 4, 2007
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{adjective} Short for Mandarin (Chinese language). Often used to describe entertainment in Mandarin. i.e.: mandopop, mando movies, mando songs, mando actors, etc..

Often used in contrast with the term canto
Hey, are there any mando movies on your hard drive, or are they all in Cantonese?
by Hoody88 October 4, 2007
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Short for "mandolin."

Often used by people "in the know" about roots music, traditional music, folk music, acoustic music, bluegrass etc.
Bill Monroe was quite the mando player.
by Blind Billy McGee March 29, 2009
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the short form of the proper name Amanda. Amanda likes piercings. Amamda hates pie. Amanda is crazy and we like her that way.
by nick September 4, 2004
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Delicious. Been known to be combined to make "Mandolicious". Total awesomeness and envy of all who look upon him. Can also be interpreted as being a dick. A player who knows how to roll and keep his women in check.
Man, that guy is Mando...amazing.
by Ryan Wickerstaff April 25, 2009
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1. Mando, is a slang / statuts for a leader / Boss in the street , there is no one above him.

2. Mando is also a leader / boss off the streets, whatever the field (be the best)
if you see Mando in the street someone will die
by Wavy93 November 14, 2021
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