a wandering or offset eyeball (ie Marty Feldman)
Wow, Dad, the cashier at the grocery store had a bad maloney!
by Nautidog March 26, 2012
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maloney,hybrid,comes from the name malone and some origin of stunting,a regular member of any girl that has been fucked over by a man aka "a maloney"
e.g. caoimhe got maloned!or got a maloney!
by maloney October 14, 2006
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a boy who is being rediculous and silly.
"you didn't call me last night."
"yes i did silly maloney!"
by Jasmone' January 17, 2009
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the type of guy that shakes your hand really hard to let you know hes been working out.
did you hear about maloney 69ing that dude behind the dumpster behind the tech?
by Dr. Phil Can Fly May 1, 2013
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Something that looks identical to something else.
Hey Jasper c'mere! These two look alike!
Why I reckon that them there must be a maloney.
by Ryan Fucking Snyder May 13, 2008
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a person whose breath smells worse than a bums asshole
Dude, that chick was a maloney!
by what the belief November 27, 2010
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Where a friend (usually a girl) gets premoted in any job and unsuccessully tries to be a hard ass boss.
Will laugh and joke in the middle of trying to repremand an employe.
That girl tries hard but she is such a maloney
by Jorge Hynes April 23, 2007
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