Malicious Style is when you play Paintball and you win. The catch is, in order to have Malicious Style, you can't just win, you gotta win big. Its gotta be a sweep, an upset, a ten seccond or less game, a come from behind. Its gotta be a stylish win.
Origin: At Paintball Camp we ran some one on ones and I finished a 1v1 in under 5 secconds. As I was swiching gun hands, running full speed past the center 50, and observing the other guy wave his hand over his bunker, I yelled out "Yeah! Thats Malicious Style Baby!" and the phrase stuck and we used it before and after every game.
It has been said that Malicious Style is what helped our team get through the tourney w/o a single loss and also helped us beat the instructors even after 3 of the 6 wiped hits off the break.
Yeah Thats Malicious Style Baby!

Devon, Kyle, Nick, Justin, Phil, and Dillon have Malicious Style!

5 seccond game? That takes Malicious Style
by J to the T August 5, 2006
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Malicious IOS is a gamer, and a Unit on the Sticks.
That dude is Malicious IOS.
by imazallik February 23, 2022
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A person who takes cruel pranks past acceptable. The worst type 「griefer」 who tries to cause harm or hurt or physically damage you or your property to get a laugh at your expense. Highly detrimental to your health.
Girl: OMG they super glued some guy to the toilet seat. His legs were bleeding!

Guy: What in the hell? What lame excuse for a human being would do such a thing? I hate malicious pranksters. How cruel.
by RCCola115 September 20, 2017
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Similar to the word Malice. But Malicy rather refers to things that aren't completely evil but are bad things
Some Nerd: You hear that Tyler album? He said some mean stuff to women

Me: I don't know bruh, It's Malicy but it ain't that bad.
by Tyler_The_Creator May 30, 2018
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