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The best sitcom ever! A show both me AND my 6-year-old daughter can relate to, as it portrays the everyday funniness of REAL AMERICANS partaking in REAL LIFE.
"I could watch reruns of 'Malcolm' forever,it's so cool!"
by Nastina July 19, 2005
Like The Simpsons, but with real people. A good show that makes fun of everyday life situations in a clever way and I'll never get tired of watching.
On Malcolm in the Middle the kid that plays Reese is the best-looking and Frankie Muniz is sort of cute, but that kid with the monkey ears and the big nose is really ugly.
by fags-in-the-shower January 18, 2006
Verb: When three gay men engage in group sex. In this situation one man must act as "Malcolm" and situate himself in between the other two men.
Malcolm just got Malcolm in the Middle 'd by Reese and Dewey.
by CLlT October 30, 2015
when two girls have a threesome with a nerd, usually out of pity
Mary and Jane made that geek's dream come true with a malcolm in the middle.
by aperfectdefect March 20, 2009
noun: slang term for vagina
"I was busy snorting blow off of your mom's malcolm in the middle."
"I was busy snorting blow off of your mom's malcolm in the middle."
by Chuck Peters August 26, 2006
A show wherein 20-year-old actors play 16-year-old boys acting like 10-year-old kids. Watching it is an extreme and immediate danger to one's IQ.
Do you watch that show, Malcolm in the Middle?

I did once, then I couldn't figure out how to put on my goddamned underwear for a week.
by Anonymity from Anonymityville January 13, 2007
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