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What people on the internet magazines call the overrated, self-absorbed "actress", Jennifer Aniston, who's chin in MASSIVE with a huge head that is too big for her body, has a broad nose, small rounded, beady eyes that have an inward curl, no cheekbones (Her face is FLAT!), and an okay-shaped body. A complete butterface! Other nicknames are Jawnifer, Jennifer Anusstain
Chinnifer Maniston is too busy feeling sorry for her pampered self to consider the suffering of those with REAL problems while Brad and Angelina are helping those in need!
by fags-in-the-shower May 09, 2006

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The world's most hospitable Hilton...
Welcome to my bony ass...
by fags-in-the-shower July 30, 2005

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Like The Simpsons, but with real people. A good show that makes fun of everyday life situations in a clever way and I'll never get tired of watching.
On Malcolm in the Middle the kid that plays Reese is the best-looking and Frankie Muniz is sort of cute, but that kid with the monkey ears and the big nose is really ugly.
by fags-in-the-shower January 18, 2006

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Hilary Duff's ugly older sister who's face resembles the mask from the movie Scream.
Haylie Duff is known as the Ugly Duff for a reason. That HUGE nose and chin!
by fags-in-the-shower May 09, 2006

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Two ugly girls who look like blue-eyed blonde little monkeys.
I saw a picture of them and thier siblings and they ALL have that same monkey face. UGH!
by fags-in-the-shower July 31, 2005

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A talented actress, lousy singer who was once very beautiful, but now is skinny and nasty with dried-up blonde hair that looks like the bristles on a broom. Once idolized Paris Hilton, but now hates her for stealing Mary-Kate's "man". A stupid whore that I used to like until she got a big head after starring in "Freaky Friday".
Bouncer: "You can't get in the club"

Lindsay:"Do you KNOW who I am??!!!" I'm Lindsay Lohan from "Freaky Friday"!!
by fags-in-the-shower January 17, 2006

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A deformed doll that is supposedly "pretty" even though her legs take up two thirds of her body i.e.: legs and a head. If she were real she'd suffer from severe gastric problems due to her waist being freakishly small.
I like to dress Barbie, but wish she looked more normal and didn't wear pink all the time. The Japanese Barbie is cuter since she resembles an Anime character. I submitted a picture of her.
by fags-in-the-shower January 18, 2006

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