A sexual act in where during anal intercourse, the male pulls out and then proceeds to receive fellatio, but accidentally pokes his partner's eyes out in the process.
Celeste went blind thanks to the Frankie Muniz her client pulled last night.
by Garr December 27, 2003
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Someone who can not act worth shit, and looks like ass.
Bob is such a Frankie Muniz.
by UZIKillZ July 20, 2004
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No acting talent.
Person with a show that is below stupidity.
You are a Frankie Muniz.
by Anonymous October 1, 2003
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refers to a name a gay froot calls his tiny penis
mr. wanker calls his dick Frankie Muniz after all the blow jobs from other queers he has recieved
by fuck you mother fucker February 24, 2004
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A child star who no longer gained popularity in 2004 so began race-car driving.
Jim: Hey, I watched this really weird show last night
Robert: Was it malcolm in the middle with Frankie Muniz?
Jim: Yeah that's it!
by DONTGETMEWRONG April 16, 2015
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To masturbate with a tube sock over your genitalia, then turn it inside out put it on your hand and give someone a Mandible Claw (made popular by Mankind, or Mick Foley, a retired WWF wrestler) ensuing to rub your baby making juice all over their chin and in their mouth.
My dad walked in on me getting some wrist exercise the other day so i finished the job and punished him by giving him a frankie muniz. That'll teach him to knock.
by The Coral Reefer May 4, 2005
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