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Beautiful and irresistable under many circumstantes. Mind set is made up before altercations and is never blinded by lies. Strong and mostly independent but always open for love. Never underestimate their afflictions and logic behind the mask. Always be on the good side. Easily makes friends with those who's intentions are solidly based on friendlyness.
independent strong friendly makhi beautiful irresistable
by babycakes0204 January 18, 2014
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Gets hella bitches on the low. Doesn't tell anyone but has the biggest dick you've ever seen. Says he's a virgin but isn't. Has two phones one for bitches and one for friends. Gets high and drunk but keeps to himself about it. Coolest dude you'll ever meet.
by Killa428 March 15, 2017
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Has a bbc and is popular. Might take ur bitch and has lots of swag.
Makhi is so fly girl lawdd
by VRoKeN September 04, 2017
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